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you built your business on a passionate belief in your products and services

Brick by brick you assembled your organization. To meet the demands of your customers and your employees, you began to weave technology into your company. A piece here, a piece there…suddenly your workplace was alive with modern possibilities. Your intellectual capital had the space to grow and thrive.

But you ran into a snag.

attitudes towards technological variances grow disproportionately to the defects themselves

Sometimes technology delivers unexpected results. Like pebbles rising from a riverbed, the wake of each seemingly insignificant variance creates substantial disruption downstream.

A little bit at a time, employees begin to lose faith in corporate infrastructure. Initially they blame their IT department. But staff soon learn that IT can’t make decisions other business units rightly own. So people start to turn on each other.

Some leaders try to control this situation directly, but that only seems to make things worse. They don’t speak of their fears to others but secretly worry that if they don’t do something, their organization will erode itself from the inside out.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

the problem isn’t what it appears to be

The way a company organizes in the beginning is usually appropriate for the way it works at the time. As business grows, however, the strata of business processes, methodologies, legacy projects and quality initiatives pile high. The threat to the organization isn’t technological. It’s human.

Now more than ever before systems integration, workflow and organizational behaviour form the pillars that uphold a successful organization. Companies that embrace these pillars find fewer downstream impacts to glitches, lower implementation and maintenance costs and happier, more collaborative work environments. Reorganizing on top of these pillars can be tough.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

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